God Chose to Give Himself to the World

God Chose You

God has chosen to give Himself to mankind.

He gives Himself through His Son Jesus Christ.

God has offered His glory to every person.

He and His glory are indescribable and inexpressible.

If someone receives Him and walks with Him while they are on the earth, they will live forever.

God has chosen to give Himself in totality to every person, forever.

He has chosen to give every person the totality of all that they are.

He has chosen to believe in every person, more than they can comprehend.

He made man into His own image and likeness. Therefore, there is one choice He cannot and will not make for a person: the choice to believe in Him.

Jesus Christ is Lord.

He is the Son of God and the Lord God Almighty.

Those who know Him have eternal life, which is knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent (John 17:3).

They believe in Him through His Son Jesus. They also believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

If they continue on with Jesus, they will live forever.

Outside of Jesus, there is nothing.

Apart from Jesus, someone can do nothing.

Without Jesus, someone has nothing. Even if they gain the whole world, they possess nothing.

Without Jesus, a person is spiritually dead. If they die without Jesus Christ, they go to eternal death.

Eternal life continues forever in heaven, a place of absolute glory.

Heaven is God’s home, full of the glorious splendor of His majesty and infinitely more.

Those who know Jesus as Lord have the divine nature and life of God.

They have the supernatural, abundant, zoe life.

They have the Almighty God living in and through them – and all around them.

Those who know Jesus can accomplish things that will last forever. They can store up treasures in heaven, They can do even greater things than Jesus did.

Eternal death continues forever in hell, the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

God’s choices for mankind are unsearchable, infinite and eternal.

He has chosen to give Himself to mankind, for eternity.

He chose to give His Son to the world.

He has given to every person infinitely and eternally and in an infinite number of ways.

God is infinite, eternal and beyond human description.

If He offered Himself to a person for just one moment, it would be the greatest offer ever made to them.

Yet, He has offered Himself to man for eternity, for an infinite number of moments.

As He gives in the spirit realm, so He gives in the natural realm.

In the natural, He has chosen to give to every person infinitely, eternally and in an infinite number of ways. How so?

In the natural, He gives every person their life, body, soul and everything good they have and receive.

He has given every person a soul that is priceless and eternal, made in His image and likeness.

He chose to give them faith, eternity in their heart and choice.

He sustains and keeps them alive, from conception to their final breath.

He does the same for every person they rely on, even for every person in the world.

A person makes millions of choices in their lifetime.

Everything a person does is by choice.

From their early years until they leave the earth, humans choose.

They choose what to do and not do, think and not think, and say and not say.

They choose their thoughts, beliefs, words, actions and infinitely more.

They choose what they do with their time and who to spend time with.

They choose what they want, need, desire, hope for and long for.

They choose what they get and give . . . and on and on.

God has made and makes choices for a person that are unsearchable, priceless, infinite, eternal and beyond comprehension.

There is one choice He cannot and will not make for them: the choice between Him and self.